Our Team

Sushan Paudyal

Managing Director

An individual with leadership skills who directs and supervises the company's operations and provides strategic guidance and direction to the board to ensure the company's mission and objectives are met.

Bhaskar Dahal

Chief Operational Officer

‘The Alarm Clock of the Entire Team’ who is knowledgeable about the IT sector, committed to educating the team on how to collaborate and manage the task and feels change is the outcome of all genuine learning.

Krishna Danuwar

Senior Graphics Designer

A creative, hardworking, and passionate graphic designer with more than 4 years of experience who is always ready to comprehend the requirements that the client wishes to include in their post.

Sandesh Timilsina

Motion Graphics Designer

An energetic, talented, and proactive motion designer with a diligent personality who generates great animated videos and is always ready to work his hardest for any animation he works on.

Bibun Shrestha

Senior Frontend Developer

An innovative, attentive, and enthusiastic developer who is a superb individual with great communication skills, understands the client's needs and feels that positive energy leads to positive results.

Dhiraj Tandukar

Senior Frontend Developer

An imaginative, motivated and active frontend developer who is tenacious by nature, bursting with energy, ambitious towards his work, and prepared to meet any problems that may arise.

Md. Jainool Ali

Digital Marketer/ SEO Specialist

A multitasking, hardworking and passionate person for learning who thinks that optimism always triumphs, is constantly open to learning new things and strives to do more.

Pragya Sapkota

Digital Marketer/ SEO Specialist

A magnificent, talented, workaholic person who is willing to learn and explore, is committed to the work, and believes 'To be irreplaceable, one must always be different.'

Bibek Prajapati

Digital Marketer/ SEO Specialist

An individual who is calm, dedicated, and diligent in nature, believes nothing is impossibly difficult, loves to study, and 'Smiles the most, gains the most knowledge.'

Prashiddha Shakha

Junior Graphics Designer

A graphic designer who is intellectual, dedicated, and ingenious, who excels at learning new things and applies all of his knowledge to his job.